Production Class in Improv Theatre
– in English


Improv Level 1 – in English


Build confidence, explore your creativity and have fun at the same time! Take a class in improv theater in English. No previous experience required.


A fun and joyous introduction to the fundamentals of improv theater. Through games and exercises, this class introduces students to the concepts of spontaneity, listening, accepting, storytelling, status, collaboration. Students will work in a safe and generous class environment where taking big risks and making mistakes is encouraged. This class will help you build confidence, tap into your imagination and be more present in the moment.



PREREQUISITE: No previous experience required

TEACHER: Tamara Maasdam

LOCATION: Mäster Olofsgården, Spegelsalen

TIME: Mondays at 18.30-21.30, Sept 11 – Dec 11 2017

PRICE: SEK 5 000

CONTACT: classes@internationaltheater.se  www.internationaltheater.se


Improv Level 3 – in English


If you have some improv experience and wants to continue exploring creativity, character work, storytelling, short form techniques and  other scenework, this class is for you!


This class takes the fundamentals of improv: spontaneity, listening, accepting and responding to the next level. Students will explore how to make scenes more engaging and learn short form techniques. They will access their imagination and express themselves fully in a safe and generous environment where taking big risks and making mistakes is encouraged.



PREREQUISITE: Improv Level 2 or equivalent.

TEACHER: Tamara Maasdam

LOCATION: Mäster Olofsgården, Spegelsalen

TIME: Thursdays at 18.30-21.30 , Sept 14 – Dec 14

PRICE: SEK 5 400 (Sign up by December 15 and take 250 SEK off your course fee!)

CONTACT: classes@internationaltheater.se  www.internationaltheater.se












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